This website archives the contents of the exhibition held from 17 to 19 September 2021 at Recontemporary. Curated by Turin based design studio Norma, as part of the 'Graphic Days in the city' festival.


Biblioteca Sansoni

Massimo Vignelli for Sansoni, 1964

Feltrinelli SC/10

Unimark for Feltrinelli, 1965

Editori Riuniti. Politica

Pino Tovaglia for Editori Riuniti, 1976

La Nuova Italia. Strumenti

Leonardo Mattioli for La Nuova Italia, 1973

Documenti Letterari

Bruno Munari for Rizzoli, 1969

Economica Vallecchi

Bob Noorda for Vallecchi, 1965

Il Mulino. La Nuova Scienza

Walter Hergenröther for Il Mulino, 1967

Il Saggiatore. I Gabbiani

Anita Klinz per Il Saggiatore, 1964

Saggi Tascabili Laterza

Mimmo Castellano for Laterza, 1973

10 Italian editorial designs

Italy is one of the first countries in the world for the number of books published. Among the pocketable editions of essays and novels, the English brand Penguin is certainly one of the most known internationally, but it's important to remember the hundreds of series that contributed to the history of Italian publishing between the mid-1960s and the early 1980s. Inexpensive publications with great cultural and popular value, with covers by famous Italian designers and quality papers.

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Norma sezione tascabili mostra recontemporary torino

Sezione tascabili

17-19 September 2021

Curated by
Norma (

Margherita Buzzi, Luca Giraudo, Sara Miola


Interactive experience
Bomberos + Norma

3D models and renders
Gabriele Martinacci

Luca Giraudo

Alberto Arlandi, Margherita Buzzi, Luca Giraudo, Luca Morano, Martina Naretto

Thanks to
Cinzia Bongino, Libre, Giovanni Naldi, Sciarada