Il Mulino. La Nuova Scienza

Walter Hergenröther, 1967

The "point" on the most recent results of the scientific investigation in the various fields of knowledge.

From 1964 il Mulino began to expand its publications in two directions: new sector magazines as well as new series of instrumental texts, also dedicated to universities. The areas of interest were in particular sociology, political science, history, psychology, economics and law. "La Nuova Scienza" also anticipates the interest in the series of economic paperbacks in which the publishing house will invest starting from the 1970s (see the UPM series, Universale Paperbacks il Mulino).

The series is further divided into “serie”, for each subject dealt with: psychology, political science, linguistics and literary criticism, economics, sociology. The covers, exclusively typographic, are divided into three sections, separated by a white line: the author, the title and the logo of the publishing house. Helvetica Bold, black on a solid colored background, and each "serie" is identified by a different color.

The coeval series "I saggi" is set up in a very similar way, which presents a single white thread from edge to edge to separate title and author from a short review, and some publications that collect texts by various authors, whose texts and rulers are placed inside an additional white frame.

Alex Inkeles, "Introduzione alla sociologia"

Serie di sociologia, January 1972 (9th edition)

Charles L. Schultze, Il reddito nazionale

Charles L. Schultze, "Il reddito nazionale"

Serie di economia, November 1972 (8a edizione)

Mark Cook, La percezione interpersonale

Mark Cook, "La percezione interpersonale"

Serie di psicologia, April 1973 (1a edizione)

Martin Albrow, La burocrazia

Martin Albrow, "La burocrazia"

Serie di scienza politica, December 1973 (1a edizione)

Herbert E. Brekle, Introduzione alla semantica

Herbert E. Brekle, "Introduzione alla semantica"

Serie di linguistica e critica letteraria, February 1975 (1a edizione)

Il Mulino

On April 25, 1951, the first issue of the magazine "Il Mulino" was published, dedicated to cultural and university information. The name celebrates the novel "Il mulino del Po" by Riccardo Bacchelli, also to mean the "grinding" of ideas and culture. A few years later, in 1954, the promoting group of the magazine, with the aim of extending its presence in the Italian cultural and political world, set up the publishing company il Mulino.

First monographs and then instrumental texts in the same political and cultural spheres in which the magazine "Il Mulino" operated, the commitment in the fields of sociology and politics was immediately characterized for the publishing house. The numerous magazines and series, published from 1965 to 2008 under the constant direction of Giovanni Evangelisti, have allowed the publishing house to remain independent, active and relevant today.

Walter Hergenröther

Of German origin, he began working for Zanichelli in Bologna at the behest of Ezio Della Monica, manager at the time at the publishing house, then leaving her in the early 1960s, while remaining active as a graphic designer in the city of Emilia. He later worked for various local realities: traces of his work can be found in the catalogs of symbols and logos of the time. Several times he has also been part of the jury of the Graphic Prizes of the Bologna Fair.