G.W.F. Hegel, "Fenomenologia dello spirito. Vol.1"

Strumenti 1, October 1973


The awareness of the powerful Hegelian attempt to think about life and at the same time the critical evaluation of its difficulties and unresolved contradictions have marked the penetrating "interpretation of Hegel" by Enrico de Negri, started with his research on the birth of dialectics and the formation of the system.

From a profound hermeneutic perspective nourished by a rich knowledge of theological, philosophical and literary sources; from having been able to complete the circle from the periphery to the center, getting as close as possible to the heart of both Hegel's speculative intention and subjectivity, the greatness, uniqueness and unparalleled to the power of thought, the flowing, superabundant, but also full of leaps, style of writing, for which he used the beautiful image of "a wild fountain of thought".

A translation that is in itself a significant document of the Italian philosophical culture of the twentieth century and has constituted and will continue to constitute the royal road to approach Hegelian philosophy and therefore tout court philosophy.

(synopsis taken from the 2008 edition of the same translation as it is absent from the 1973 volumes)

G.W.F. Hegel

One of the greatest philosophers of the tradition of Western thought and the most significant representative of German idealism needs no introduction. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, born in Stuttgart in 1770, was a philosopher, academic and poet.

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