Alex Inkeles, "Introduzione alla sociologia"

Serie di sociologia, January 1972


There are many ways to introduce sociology to beginners and laymen - the analysis of basic concepts or sociological theory, the presentation of the results of empirical studies or basic research methods, the comparison of sociology with other approaches to the study of man. , also the description of the professional role and status of the sociologist. In this short volume Professor Inkeles includes all of these more or less in depth. In less than 200 pages he tries to define the nature of the discipline and distinguish it from other behavioral sciences, summarizing the various models of society employed by scholars, explaining the key concepts and the main social processes, in order to examine the most important questions of sociological research and describe the contemporary form of sociology as a profession.

Alex Inkeles

Born in New York in 1920 and died in California in 2010, he was a famous American sociologist. He worked primarily at Harvard and Stanford universities and was the founder of the Annual Review of Sociology. Thanks to his experience of him during the war in reading newspapers and listening to radio broadcasts, he was also specialized in the culture and society of the Soviet Union.

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