Ugo La Malfa, "Intervista sul non-governo"

STL 37, April 1977


Ugo La Malfa has maintained his "long-term commitment" for a radical transformation of Italian society for over fifty years. Now he traces a summary of the events: from the rise of new moral energies in the anti-fascist period to their dispersion, from the unexpected post-war boom to the current crisis. Why is Italian development interrupted today? What are the responsibilities of the major parties and the classes they represent? Why is there a lack of a coherent conception of social development in Italy?

Inspired by a historicism nourished by modern empiricism, La Malfa illustrates his position: one cannot apply solutions from later or earlier stages to one stage of development. There is a question of compatibility between public structures, productive base, investments and incomes, mass education, new forms of participation and emancipation such as neo-feminism. “In a society everything is held”. But if everything happens according to abstract visions or emotional drives, then we are in contradiction, we are in non-government.

Ugo La Malfa

Ugo La Malfa, born in Palermo in 1903, was secretary of the Italian Republican Party from 1965 to 1975 and president from 1975 to 1979, the year of his death. Arrested in 1928 for anti-fascist activities, in 1941 he was among the promoters of the Action Party, which he represented in the CLN during the Resistance. He has participated 9 times as minister and 2 as vice president of the Council in numerous governments, most recently the V Andreotti government.

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