Felice Ippolito, "La politica del CNEN"

I Gabbiani 28, September 1965


The policy of the CNEN (1960-63) is a collection of essays and articles that clarify the aspects and perspectives of Italian nuclear policy, in relation to the situation in our country and in the wider panorama of international studies and achievements. The only brief polemical hints are those of a technician and a specialist, eager for the future of our scientific research. But the greater part of these writings is dedicated to reconstructing the stages covered by the CNEN and to illustrate, with extremely concrete data, the results it has reached, so that the judgment on the activity of this important body remains entrusted to the intelligence of the impartial reader.

Felice Ippolito

Born in Naples in 1915. Professor of Applied Geology at the University of Naples, Felice Ippolito has held very delicate positions in the field of research and applications of nuclear energy in Italy and abroad. He contributed to the establishment of Euratom, was general secretary of the National Nuclear Research Committee (CNRN) and from 1960 to 1963 led the executive activity of the National Nuclear Energy Committee (CNEN). Precisely following alleged administrative irregularities in the CNEN, in 1964 he was arrested and sentenced and served two years in prison. He then devoted himself to scientific and technological promotion, also becoming a member of the European Parliament on the communist lists from 1979 to 1989. He died in Rome in 1997.

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