Paul A. Baran, "Saggi marxisti"

Serie politica 48, January 1976


984 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione "Central feature of the Marxian vision is the ability and the will to look beyond the immediately observable facts to see the tree of the future in the tender buds of the present. It is the combination of the perspective of history with the courage of utopia: a perspective strictly disciplined by the analysis of perceptible trends in the present, and a utopia made concrete by the identification of the social forces that can make it achievable. "

The essays collected in this volume include: The task of the intellectual, On the nature of Marxism, An alternative to Marxism, A non-communist manifesto, Economic science in two worlds, Marxism and psychoanalysis, National economic planning, Reflections on underconsumption, Better less but better, The theory of the wealthy class, Thesis on advertising, Economic and social planning, Economic progress and economic surplus, Reflections on the planning of economic development in India.

Paul A. Baran

Paul Alexander Baran, born in Mykolaiv (present day Ukraine) in 1909 and died in Palo Alto, California in 1964, was the only Neo-Marxist school economist to be appointed full professor in the United States of America, teaching at the University of Stanford. After studying economics, sociology and history in Berlin, Frankfurt and Paris, he moved to the USA in 1939 to continue his studies at Harvard. Among his contributions, he introduced the concept of "consumer surplus", the positive difference between the market cost of a good and the price that the individual is willing to pay to obtain it.

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